Thursday, October 8, 2015

Case File: The Night People

Stu, Our Archivist
Hi, Stu Cicero here. I'm the sole employee of Infusion, Inc., a start-up tech firm run by the hero Arsenal. He hasn't had a lot of luck drumming up investors, so to stay busy I've started putting together these 'case files' on the various allies and enemies of his team, the New Wave.

CASE FILE 007: The Night People

Type: Enemy Organization
Leader(s): Brother Wonderful (Abner Doolittle), Brother Inquisitor, Brother Dickens
Members: Brother Broomstick, Brother Forget-Me-Not, Sister Peach Pie, Sister Gladiola, Sister Sweet, presumably any number of other homeless / mentally ill people who went by similar aliases
Threat: Low
Purpose: To create an extradimensional refuge for New York's homeless and mentally ill 'zeroes'
Status: Defunct, although the organization's leadership is free and presumably active

Zero Street in the Negative Zone
Background: Formed by Nobel prize-winning physicist Abner Doolittle while institutionalized at the Zero Street Asylum following a nervous breakdown, the Night People are comprised of the Asylum's inmates and a network of affiliated homeless people. Doolittle designed the 'Nth Projector', a device capable of penetrating dimensional barriers, in his private work space at Zero Street (presumably, given his academic credentials, the staff treated him very well). Doolittle used this device to transport the asylum (and the city block on which it resided) to an alternate dimension dubbed 'the Negative Zone'.

Doolittle, now calling himself Brother Wonderful, led the inmates of Zero Street in an all-out rebellion against the staff. Instituting a cult hierarchy with a grand Utopian vision, Brother Wonderful appointed two lieutenants (Brother Dickens and Brother Inquisitor) and soon disappeared into his lab, leaving the day-to-day operations to them. Dickens, a petty thief with grand ambitions, and Brother Inquisitor, a sadistic fanatic dedicated wholeheartedly to Doolittle's vision, soon came into conflict. The tension between the two was temporarily stayed due to the circumstances of their harsh environment: a low-gravity asteroid field that, while possessing a breathable atmosphere, was inhabited by hostile insectoids. Unable to procure necessities from their local environs, Dickens organized teams of hunter-gatherers to raid New York via the Nth Projector while Brother Inquisitor fortified Zero Street against alien incursion.
Abner Doolittle, aka Brother Wonderful

These interdimensional raids targeted grocery and department stores, which in turn attracted the attention of my boss, Arsenal, and independent super hero The Unwavering Chop, who each faced the Night People separately before teaming up to stop their midnight mischief at Macy's. It was during this conflict that our heroes were transported with the Night People to Zero Street. Held captive within the asylum, the two heroes were released to join the Night People in the defense of Zero Street, which came under assault by amassing insectoid forces. It was only when the asylum was overrun (and Wonderful's lieutenants had fled) that Wonderful finally submitted, transporting the asylum back to Earth. Arsenal and Chop then helped round up Brother Wonderful and the defeated Night People.

Notes: Both Brother Inquisitor and Brother Dickens escaped during the siege of Zero Street and remain at large. Abner Doolittle's bail was paid by a high-priced legal firm and is now free. Their activities remain unknown. Additionally, Zero Street was the largest mental health institution in New York and, as a consequence of its destruction, the city's asylums have become overburdened, which may lead to problems further down the road.

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