Saturday, October 10, 2015

Case File: Michael Silk

Michael Silk
CASE FILE 008: Michael Silk

AKA: No known aliases
Occupation: High School Student, Midtown High
Identity: Publicly known
Type: Unaffiliated Human
Legal Status: United States citizen with no criminal record
Place of Birth: Northern California
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Martha Silk (mother), Jonathan Tremont (father), Billie Myers (adopted mother), Donovan Myers (adopted father)
Group Affiliation: Midtown Tigers (baseball team)

History: Michael is the son of cult leader Jonathan Tremont, the head of the now-defunct Triune Understanding (CASE FILE 009), and Martha Silk, a schizophrenic drug burnout, cultist, and possible psychic. Reports indicate that Tremont, who dubbed himself 'The Master', was recruiting and breeding psychics at the behest of the real Master, known as Khan (CASE FILE 010). Michael, it appears, was part of this program, although he was not registered a psychic when interviewed by SHIELD Psy-Ops Director Marvin Flumm (CASE FILE 018). When the Triune Compound was brought down by the Sons of the Tiger (CASE FILE 011), Michael was released into the custody of his mother, Martha.

The Silks relocated to a remote cabin in the Finger Lakes region of New York where Michael was raised under cult doctrine. Martha homeschooled her son until age 10 when Social Services deemed her unfit due to mental incompetence. Jimmy Woo (formerly of the Sons of the Tiger, now SHIELD agent) arranged for a friend in the State Department, Billie Myers, to adopt Michael. Billie and her husband Donovan have since raised Michael (now age 16) until his recent disappearance.

Michael was initially shy and withdrawn, but had recently fallen in love with baseball and had joined the team at the prompting of his best friend, Hector Alaya. He had even met his first girlfriend, Carmilla Black. Not everything was perfect, however. Michael believed that he was haunted by the ghost of his deceased mother, who was determined to ruin her son's life. Reports indicate a history of psychokinetic manifestations in Michael's vicinity (which does lend credibility to this theory).
Carmilla Black

While showering before a major game between the Midtown Tigers and their rivals, the Murray Hill Pioneers, the shower pipes 'came to life', breaking from the walls and chased Michael, spraying boiling water. Michael fled the school and has not been seen since. Agent Brand Schilling of SHIELD (CASE FILE 003) has been assigned the case.

Notes: Schilling has interviewed Billie and Donovan Myers, Jimmy Woo, Marvin Flumm, and former Triune Understanding member Bill Waters, aka 'Yi Yong'. There was also an aborted attempt to speak with Michael's girlfriend, Carmilla, but she proved resistant to interviewing.

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